10 DIY Barbie Hacks: Barbie Phone, headphones, Stroller, Ballet Shoes, and more

DIY Barbie Hacks; How to make miniature ballet shoes! DIY miniature stroller, clothes, handbags, miniature phone cases; diy crafts and hacks. To make the miniature stroller I used two empty shampoo bottles. The headphones were made with buttons and a paper clip. You will also need gloves, a zipper, a sock. The phone tutorial is towards the end of the video.
In this tutorial I also used crafting and recycled materials, hot glue, clear plastic, nail polish to paint, foam board and foam paper, card stock, regular glue, ribbons and fabric, and other recycling materials. These tutorials are intended for general hobbyist, crafters, and older audiences.
5 minute hacks and crafts; hot glue hacks
Disclaimer: Dear viewer, this DIY tutorial was made with the use of advanced work and crafting tools, such as hot glue, professional cutting tools, and so on, which cannot be performed by and are not intended for the young audiences. my crafts are for sale.

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