Angry Birds Star Wars Sturdy Style New Version ★ Stack! Launch! Destroy!

For Kids Worldwide presents : Angry Birds Star Wars Sturdy Style New Version ★ Stack! Launch! Destroy!

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Why not launch stacked up high-flying mad little birds at a stack of blue blocks and destroy a doorway? And why not take aim and launch the Star Wars-appearing angry birds? This toy set is from the series of sets called stacking games.

This Angry Birds and Star Wars toy set is based on the application of the same name. This is a puzzle video game, some sort of crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the Angry Birds video games series, launched in 2012 for iOS, Windows, as well as Android devices, and later for Blackberry and Mac gadgets. The characters are copywrites of the double-trilogy by George Lucas. In 2015, the Star Wars prequel trilogy was also launched. This game is a combination of the games of Angry Birds as well as Star Wars, and they take place in both outer space as well as the standard landscape.

The box set features a blue plastic little doorway or portal, with a cone on the top and a white sling made of plastic, as well as a total of six Angry Birds figures (such as for example the characters of Red, Chuck, Hal, Terence, Stella, Mighty Eagle, etc.). The heads of the bird characters appear in the style of the famous Star Wars characters and are made of hard rubber.
Use the blue plastic blocks to construct a sturdy gamescone portal-type through which you can lob the Angry Birds figures by using the robust sling. First, of course, it is advised to stack up the bird characters, and then launch them at the portal. The aim, of course, is to wipe out the portal or doorway. The figures can also be used with the toy set Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Rise of Darth Vader Game.

The set is recommended for children aged 3 and over.


“To say that my 5 year old son is in love with the Angry Birds game as well as all the characters is to understate the situation. He has also always really liked the Star Wars trilogy, so this set seemed to be perfect for him. I bought it for his 5th birthday and he seems to love playing with it. Also, he enjoyed using the figures of the angry birds combined with Star War motifs with other play sets as well. In addition, he can use the sling with other balls and smaller figures and toys. I thought the figures were quite well made, as they were constructed of sturdy plastic and were big enough not to get lost everywhere. Would I recommend this toy set? Definitely!” – Ms Fiona Waddill, Charleston, West Virginia, USA

“This is a really fun game for two boys who like to challenge each other and shoot at anything with a sling shot. It can, however, be a little dangerous for children under the age of 5, as they may be tempted to shoot at each other and not be careful where they aim.” – Roger Powell, London, UK

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