[ENG] (Showchampion behind EP.67) Korea Thanksgiving day Special 'Golden Child'

Jegi: Jegi is a Korean traditional game similar to shuttlecock, where players kick the jegi into the air and try to not let it fall to the ground.
Gonggi: played with 5 small pebbles. there are 5 levels to the game.
Golden Holiday: a 10-day long holiday (if you start break on 30th September) OR 7-day long holiday (if start break on 3rd October) that lasts till 9th October.
[3/10: Korea National Foundation day
4/10 – 6/10: Chuseok (Thanksgiving)
7/10-8/10: Weekends
9/10: Hangul day]

(Show Champion behind EP.67) Korea Thanksgiving day Special ‘Golden Child’

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