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Pictionary Frame Game offers three ways to play the classic game of Pictionary. For full review and shopping info ►

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Pictionary Frame Game offers three ways to play the classic game of Pictionary. The game comes with a clear drawing window, a base with storage compartment, a timer, a wet erase marker, 150 cards, and a die. The object is to use the clear drawing window to sketch clues for your team in three categories. If your team guesses correctly, you win the challenge and keep the card. The first team to earn five cards, with at least one card from each category, wins.

The three card categories include Classic, Action!, and Mirror Mirror. Classic plays like traditional Pictionary, but instead of drawing on a piece of paper, you use the marker to draw on the drawing window. Action! allows you to use the drawing window as a prop for acting out the clue. In Mirror Mirror, the clue giver traces his finger on one side of the window while another player follows the finger with the marker on the other side of the window to draw the clue.

The game is to be played by two teams with however many players you want in each team. The first team chooses a clue giver for the first round and chooses one of the category cards. The clue giver rolls the die and must draw the clue on the card that matches the number on the die. If you roll a six, you can pick any of the five clues on the card. Start the timer, and Team 1 starts guessing. If they guess correctly, they keep the card. If they don’t guess before time runs out, then Team 2 can guess and try to steal the card. Teams alternate turns (and clue givers) throughout the game until one team wins five cards.

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