PIPE MANIA (Game Walkthrough)

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About this game:
You cannot imagine how complicated a plumber’s work is before you experience it. Pipe Mania is a chance to discover this without any danger to your health or home design. Besides, it will test your engineering skills and smarts. Are you ready to try?

How to play
The mission is to provide the continuous uninterrupted flow of water in the system. Players start with a simple pipe plan but it gets more complicated with every next level. Thus, be quick and do not let the water run out of the cycle.

Here is a short guidance:
1. Tap on a pipe to rotate it.
2. Build a functioning water pipe.
3. Press “Play” to start the water.
4. Reach the target to pass the level.
5. Gain 20 scores for each section.
6. Act quickly to avoid leakages.

— The water starts pumping in the pipe before you finish constructing it. Be quick to avoid the inundation.
— The task gets more complicated with every next level. At first, there are more details to use, then the quantity of pipes increase, etc.
— It is obligatory to use all elements you are provided with. The pipes cannot be crossed except when you are using the pieces with of special form.
— There are 60 levels to challenge your logic and strategic skills.

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