The Bitcoin Game #42: Riccardo "FluffyPony" Spagni

This Podcast was originally published February 26, 2017.

Hello, welcome to episode 42 of The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. My guest today is Riccardo “FluffyPony” Spagni of Monero, a cryptocurrency focusing on user privacy.

Perhaps the best way to keep an eye on Riccardo (and his trolling antics) is to follow him on Twitter at @FluffyPonyZA. Learn more about Monero at

Are you noticing a lot less show notes than ever before? In an effort to decrease the number of hours put into each episode, I decided dropping the in-depth show notes made sense.


While much of Bitcoiners’ time is spent in the world of digital assets, sometimes it’s nice to own a physical representation of the virtual things you care about. For just the price of a cup of coffee or two (at Starbucks), you can own your own Bitcoin Keychain or the newer Bitcoin Fork Pen.


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All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by Rob Mitchell.

The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos.


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  • FluffyP is my dawg 4life.

    ycnexu July 8, 2020 7:19 pm Reply

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